The Top 12 Best Chew Toys For Dogs

A chew toy can easily become your dog’s favorite dog toy. But when it comes to chew toys for dogs, you want to make sure to get the best option for your pup. So which chew toy is best? Here are 15 of the best chew toys that may work for your family.

These are some of the best chew toys for dogs to try now!

#1 – Dura Chew Textured Ring

Got a puppy? Try out the Dura Chew Textured Ring. Not only is it easy to handle for medium and large dogs (50 pounds and up), but it’s also listed as a teething ring. If you have a small puppy who is getting their “big boy” canine teeth, this is a great option. And, this is also perfect for the more aggressive chewers.

The textured ring is made of Nylon, so be sure to check with your veterinarian. While Nylon isn’t harmful, some vets don’t recommend it for smaller dogs or puppies.

#2 – Kong Extreme Dog Toy

Looking for a dog toy that you can make sure is filled with treats? Look no further than the Kong Extreme Dog Toy for large dogs. This is 0ne of the best non toxic options for treat filled toys. Your dog could chew this toy for hours, and it will still be in good shape for months, if not years, to come.

The Kong is one of the most well known toys on the market. This rubber toy is extremely durable and easy to use. Use peanut butter, other treats, or even whipped cream (if your dog isn’t lactose intolerant) and watch your pup enjoy their toy and treats.

#3 – WickedBone Smart Bone

Looking for a more interactive and fun bone? This WickedBone Smart Bone isn’t actually a chew toy at all. It’s more of a “smart” bone (like the name suggests). If you have a super active puppy or dog, this is one of the best toys that you can grab for them to entertain themselves for hours.

What makes this smart bone so special? Well, it can roll, flip, spin, turn, jump, and more. And, you can control it with an app on your phone if you want to get in on the fun. Leaving the house for a bit? You can set it to “Auto Play” while you’re away, and the toy will automatically try these tricks to keep your dog busy while you’re gone.

While not the cheapest option on the list, the toy is non toxic and fun for both big and small dogs. It’s durable, and a great way to get the whole family in on the fun of playing with your dog’s new favorite toy.

#4 – Super Treadz Dental Dog Toy

Need a chew toy that will also help clean teeth? The Super Treadz Dental Dog Toy will eliminate the frustration and keep you from chasing your dog down just to brush their teeth. And the best part? No nips or tug of war!

This toy claims that it’s fun to chew on, but also brushes your dog’s teeth for you, keeping tartar and buildup at bay. Of course, you’ll still want to get regular checkups on your pup’s teeth, but this is a better option that fighting over a toothbrush.

Plus, the toy is dishwasher safe and infused with baking soda for fresh breath.

#5 – Stuffingless Chew Toys

Every dog owner dreads the day that they will inevitably have to clean up stuffing, feathers, or similar fillers because their dog ruined a toy. So, skip the worry and try a stuffing-less toy. Not only are they safe for all shapes and sizes, they’re also great for tug of war. Your dog (or dogs) can have fun with this chew toy, and can chew without you having to pick up after them.

This is also perfect as a rope toy, and doesn’t pose a choking hazard as long as you pick the right size. For smaller dogs, you can try this one (it’s a cow design!). If you have a bigger dog, you can try this one. It is a plush toy, but without the extra clean up!

#6 – Teething Keys

Dog owners rejoice! They now have teething keys for pups too. If you want the best teething option for your dog, you can grab these teething keys from Nylabone. Not only are these easy to chew, but they come in multiple sizes and are durable, even if your pup chews quite often. And, dogs love them.

Keep in mind, your dog doesn’t have to be teething for these toys to work. But they sure are helpful if he or she is.

#7 – Kong Dog Goodie Bone

Another Kong favorite, this is one of the best toys for dogs that love and prefer to chew on bones. This rubber bone comes in multiple sizes and colors too. Because it’s made with rubber (one of the safest options for dogs who love to chew, and all that Kong uses), it’s bound to last a long time and put up with even the toughest puppy.

#8 – Gator Squeaker Toy

Does your pup prefer squeaky toys? If you’re okay with hearing sounds during the day (and night) the gator squeaker toy is a decent option. It’s more interactive for your dog, unlike the other toys on this list, so it can hold their attention slightly longer.

But for dog owners that don’t like the constant squeaking, I’d say keep looking.

#9 – ONEISALL Durable Dog Chew Toy

This ONEISALL nylon toy is claimed to be the best for your always chewing and/or aggressive dog. The company even puts “indestructible” in the title. While I wouldn’t put too much hope in that, I will say that this is a very durable toy.

The best part of this toy is that it was made with a dog’s chewing patterns in mind. With the ridges and grooves, your dog can grip it and work his/her way down the bone. And, with the small gap, you can also add some peanut butter for an even better chewing experience.

#10 – GoughNuts Dog Chew Ring

This rubber chew ring (hilariously named similar to go-nuts and donuts, get it?) is expensive, but worth it. The natural rubber ring is made in the USA, and the company uses engineered carbon reinforcement.

Plus, each GoughNuts toy has two layers. The outer layer is tough and durable, but the inner core, with the color red, shows you when the toy is ready to be replaced. As an owner, it feels good to know that you’re not putting your dog in danger, and that the rubber chew lets you know when it’s ready to be replaced.

The ring bounces, rolls, and floats too. So if you have a dog that loves water, you can even use this toy in the pool, lake, or ocean!

#11 – Gnawt-a-Rock Durable Dog Toy

Does your dog love a good tennis ball, but you don’t like how they always ruin them? If you said yes, try the Gnawt-a-Rock Durable Dog Toy. This rubber “rock” shaped ball was made with fun in mind, and is great for fetch.

But, unlike a tennis ball, it won’t break under the jaws of bigger puppies and dogs. This is the number one fan favorite of good boys who love to play catch. And bonus points, you can add a few treats as well.

#12 – Jolly Pets Romp-n-Roll Ball

This was made to be a two in one toy, and offers both a ball and a rope for all kinds of fun. If your dog loves tugging with you, you can use the rope portion to have a game of tug of war. If they prefer playing fetch, that’s an option too.

Giving your dog this toy also means they can play with other friends too. This chew toy is great for multiple dogs to play with at one time, and can handle multiple chewers, which is a win-win for everyone.

Does My Dog Need Any of These Toys?

No, not really. But, if you want to encourage safe chewing and keep your pup occupied, especially when they’re younger or home alone, a chew toy is your best bet. Not only does it keep your dog busy, but it also helps you make sure that they’re not chewing other items in your home, like your shoes or furniture.

Are Chew Toys Safe For Dogs?

Absolutely! A chew toy is a completely safe choice for your dog. However, keep in mind that super rigid toys like antlers or rawhide can be harmful if your dog chews them to break, or without proper supervision.

Hours of chewing is best left for rubber or other soft enough type chew toys, as super hard options can cause tooth damage and cuts on the cheeks and tongue. That is not to say that your pup can’t enjoying chewing on rawhide or antlers every now and then, but of course, proceed with caution and take the toy away once it starts signs of too much wear and tear.

And, as a general measure of safety, you should be able to press your fingernail into the toy. If you can’t do that, then it’s too hard and can break teeth.

Do Dogs Need Multiple Dog Toys?

It can be healthy for your dog to learn different ways to play, but you could just start with one of the dog toys on this list. But just like with kids, dogs love getting into anything and everything, so some dogs may be more prone to boredom if they only have one toy. I suggest at least two different options to give them some variety.

The Best Chew Toys For Dogs

Have a chewer or chewers that you want to please, without investing a ton of money and time into finding the “right” toy. This list can help with that.

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