How to Wholesale Dog Treats and Increase Your Income

Are you ready to grow your dog bakery income and curious about adding a wholesale program?

You're in the right place!

Our brand new course is designed for beginners looking to understand how the entire wholesale process works and add a new source of revenue for your dog treat business.

Ready to learn more? Let's jump in! 


When it comes to your dog bakery, you want options! If you have been curious about how wholesale works and how to sell your dog treats to other businesses, we can help.

Make wholesale an option - wholesale can be a big or small part of your dog bakery. You get to decide!

Get the guidance and tools - most of our customers don't even know where to begin and feel overwhelmed. You can feel confident you have the information in front of you to take action!

Create a plan - whether you lack time to attend a weekly market or need a plan for the colder months, wholesale can become a consistent part of your income!

You love your dog bakery. And want to grow! 

We love this!


Summer 2023



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In addition to the course lessons, you'll receive done-for-you templates so you can dive into wholesale. No need to start from scratch, search the internet or feel overwhelmed. 

When we add new lessons to the course, existing students get the new material for free. This is an amazing perk you get as a student!

Support from the Diva Dog team ~ we see you! We know selling wholesale can be intimidating (don't let it!), so you've got direct access to us with our Q+A portal.

When you join our How to Wholesale Dog Treats course, you'll enjoy these perks:

We created How to Wholesale Dog Treats to help your dog bakery grow with extra income. From getting started to feeling like a pro, you'll gain the confidence you need to be successful!

So a Client Asks the Big Question...

Stop freezing in your tracks when a client asks if you offer wholesale! We're giving you the templates you need to respond back to inquiries!

Set Up A+ Applications 

Ditch the back and forth emails - send potential clients to an application to become a vendor. We're giving you our exact template to set up and use!

C is for Creating Your Catalog

Clients love to see your wholesale catalog to learn about your bakery and what you sell. We've made the catalog, all you have to do is finalize it!

Lots of Learning Styles

From quick training videos to bite-size reading lessons to visual charts and templates, there is a learning style for everyone!  We skipped the fluff and streamlined what you need to know.

Terms & Conditions 

We've got the paperwork done for you; no starting from scratch. Just revise and edit to match your branding and rules for your business.

Shipping and Delivery

From local delivery options to offering nationwide shipping, take advantage of our pre-made template to set up your guidelines throughout the year.  

Keep Your Clients Organized

We've created a fail-proof system to keep track of all of your clients in one place. From their application to approval date to adding notes, we keep everything automated and simple in one place. 


Our Fave Platform to Wholesale

We'll share what online platform we prefer to use with client when it comes to wholesale. If you don't have an online store already, this will be your only added expense!

Enjoy these treats, we mean bonuses...

You need these!

8+ Wholesale Printables for Your Booth and Pop-Up Event

Let potential clients know you offer wholesale with our DIY printables!

You can customize and print these out at home and display these at your next in-person event.

You never know who is visiting your booth during an event! These are a great way to spark conversation or let the client scan your printable directly!

$24 value

Q+A Vault and Monthly Support!

Have a question about the course material? Or are you working with a potential new client and need some help?

You can submit your question inside the course and we'll cover it via video or audio in our monthly Q+A podcast or vlog that is just for students!

We want you to be successful and are here for you!

$49+ value

Track Your Costs and Pricing with Our Wholesale Spreadsheet

Let's keep the numbers simple! We've made you a spreadsheet ~ simply enter in your information to make sure the math is mathing. 

Wholesale is profitable and fun, but let's make sure you know how much you are really making with each order. Yay for profits!

$49 value

Every bonus included is something that you'll really use in your business, with the goal being to save you time and money to help you get faster results.

How to Wholesale Dog Treats is not included in our signature course Diva Dog Bakery: How to Start a Dog Bakery. This is a stand alone course that teaches you about how to create a wholesale component for your dog bakery business.

With our How to Wholesale Dog Treats course, you’ll have an all-star plan to add wholesale orders to your dog bakery.

With an extra source of income, your dog bakery can now help retail and wholesale customers. Large wholesale orders can mean large profits! Get started today!

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Instant, unlimited access to course material

DIY learning to educate, launch and grow your wholesale business

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Bonus #1: Free course updates

Bonus #2: Wholesale printables for your booth or pop-up ($24 value)

Bonus #3: Access to the Q+A vault ($49 monthly value)

~We did the numbers and that's $271+ in value for only $49~

Instant, unlimited access to course material
DIY learning to educate, launch and grow your wholesale business
Contract, templates, guides & more
Bonus #1: Wholesale profitable spreadsheet ($49 value)
Bonus #2: Wholesale printables ($24 value)
Bonus #3: Monthly Q+A ($49 monthly value)

~We did the numbers and that's $271+ in value~

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Enroll Now with
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Hi, I'm Kristin Larsen!

I’m here to remind you that chasing your dream is not only within reach, but an opportunity to create a meaningful business that brings you joy.

Think about the life you want to live...

Why not make your dreams a reality by learning from someone who has accomplished exactly what you want to accomplish? 

After helping over 2,200+ students launch their dog treat businesses since fall of 2020, I'm confident that you are in the right place! 


Frequently Asked Questions

Once you enroll in the program, you have unlimited access to the course 24/7! You can go at your own pace – whether it’s an hour per day or a few hours over the weekend.

Even if you don’t have time to start the program right this second, you can purchase the program now and access it when you’re ready. Most students are able to complete the course in a couple of hours. Give yourself a week (or block out a few evenings) to implement the material! 

Because this is a DIY course, we do not offer a community at this time; instead we offer support via our monthly Q+A vault. You can submit your question and we will answer it monthly via audio or video and share with the group. You will also have access to prior monthly questions.

We do recommend that you have a dog bakery or are planning to start a dog bakery and have an interest in learning how to add wholesale as a source of revenue for your business. Inside the course, we are teaching with the expectation that you already have a dog bakery of sorts as we do not teach you how to start a dog bakery.

If you would like to start a dog bakery, we recommend starting here.

This is a beginner course on how to sell wholesale to independent boutiques, businesses and vendors. In order to get into large, nationwide big box stores, there is a much higher learning curve with a lot of additional expenses for wholesale start-up, so we do not offer this strategy at this time.

You will need an online shop in order to sell wholesale, which you might or might not already have for your dog bakery. We will review this inside the program and show you what we use and recommend! There really aren't any other hidden costs or fees if you already have your dog bakery established.

We are based in the U.S. and share U.S. examples, but similar to our signature course Diva Dog Bakery: How to Start a Dog Bakery, you can do this from anywhere.

All of the contracts and paperwork we provide will need to be updated to reflect where you live regardless and based on your business. When working with vendors, we do require certain paperwork for a client to sell wholesale for tax purposes; you would need to update this to reflect the rules based on your location.

If you would like to start a dog bakery, please visit our signature course to learn how to do this. This course is specifically for dog bakery owners looking to learn about wholesale and add this to their business.

Yes! Everything in the course teaches you how to work with clients, how to set up wholesale inside your shop, shipping, terms & conditions, creating a wholesale catalog and line sheets and more! You would need to update the templates to reflect your items in your shop, which is what every student would need to do anyways. Our course will save you a lot of time if you are just starting out and don't know where to begin or get started!

If you’re struggling financially, it might not be the right time to start a new business. Since student success is so important to us, we’d rather you work things out, set some money aside each month and join us down the road when you’re really ready. There will be additional opportunities to enroll in the future.

Due to the digital nature of this product, we do not provide refunds. We put a lot of hard work and energy into our course and the success of our students. If you are here to simply ‘check things out’, this is not the course for you.

If you have any questions, please reach out to us at [email protected]. We are always happy to help!