I'm Kristin, your new BFF and #dogmom who's here to help you launch the dog treat business of your dreams.

Whether it's your first time baking or you're ready to take your dog bakery full time, I'm here to cheer you on from the start and celebrate with you as your business grows!




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In the fall of 2022, attendees came from around the United States to attend our first in-person event in Nashville, Tennessee. 

We had an amazing team of speakers that covered advanced topics like cookie decorating, how to take amazing professional dog treats photos with our phones using professional backdrops, how to increase sales online and in-person, marketing strategies and more! 

Attendees came in from around the Unites States to attend our action-packed event! 

Diva Dog Bakery hosted a dog treat bakery conference!

It all started with a cupcake. 

I really wanted to make one for my dog’s birthday.

Yes, it may sound silly, but I wanted to be able to give my dogs something special that I had baked with love myself. 

Tired of the boring treats I saw at big-box stores, I wanted to create a gourmet dog treat that would be fun to bake at home in my kitchen. 

I was put off by dog treat nutrition labels that included a lengthy list of ingredients as well as hard-to-pronounce words.

So I started out with recipe testing and tweaks and came up with an all-natural incredible recipe that my dogs loved AND were gorgeous and healthy.

I made some for friends and families pups and the feedback was so amazing that I decided to go bigger.

And just like that, a dog treat bakery was born. 

On Saturday mornings, I started selling at my local farmer’s market.

As my business started to grow, my family graciously offered to help set up at farmer’s markets across town to grow my bakery even more.

There was no better feeling than seeing my dog treats sell out of dog treats nearly every weekend. And the leftover treats?

Those were dropped off at the local animal shelter – talk about a win-win!

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Before I knew it my little dog treat bakery project went from hobby to side hustle to booming business. 

I started selling my dog treats on Etsy and even created my own website to sell my dog treats. Pet stores and boutiques reached out to me to ask if I sold wholesale.

My little side hustle had grown into a full time business.

For the cherry on top moment, not only did I land press in print magazines and online media, but I was also invited to participate in the Emmy Awards gift bags.

Did I mention all my dreams were coming true?!


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