Halloween Dog Treats and Packaging Ideas

Looking for homemade Halloween dog treats? We have several dog treat ideas to share with you for fall and Halloween. These dog treat ideas are healthy and easy to make.

We recommend using your favorite dog treat recipe to make these treats. Some of our favorite recipes include:

Halloween Cookie Cutters

When it comes to finding the right shape for your Halloween dog treats, we have used both cookie cutters and cookie stamps.

Cookie stamps are easy to use and a real time saver for making dog treats. However, we have found that not all cookie stamps are the same.

We prefer to use a cookie stamp that presses deeper into the dough to get a more pronounced outline of the image.

This variety cookie stamp set was perfect for the Halloween dog treats we made below.

Halloween dog treats made with peanut butter using a variety of Halloween cookie cutters.

Cookie cutters are also very easy to use, but we are picky about the thickness and stability of the cutter itself.

We do not like to use anything flimsy that can lose it’s shape after a few uses. We like stronger cookie cutters and plastic tops so they are easy to grip.

If you do not want to use icing, make sure to pick a Halloween cookie cutter that is recognizable by shape, such as the pumpkin cookie cutter below.

Pumpkin dog treat and cookie cutter for Halloween dog treats!

Variety of Halloween dog treats, including a bat, black cat and spooky ghost. Dogs will love these cookies!

Halloween Dog Treats with Icing

With the dog treats above, this variety of Halloween cookies can be made with or without icing.

Make sure to use dog-safe icing on all of your treats.

Halloween dog treats with icing in a variety pack, including a spooky ghost, bat and black cat. Dogs will love these yummy Halloween dog treats!

Halloween Packaging

After you have made your dog treats, don’t forget about the packaging.

There is a lot of Halloween packaging to choose from, so have fun with this!

Cello bags are very budget friendly, while kraft boxes might be best depending on your budget.

We hope you enjoy making Halloween dog treats this year!


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