Dog Treat Baking Supplies You’ll Want in Your Kitchen

One of the things that makes working in a kitchen enjoyable is having the supplies and ingredients you need on hand, and the same goes for dog treat baking supplies.

These are the dog treat baking supplies you need in your kitchen!

You can separate baking supplies into two categories. There are those items that are “must-haves” — essential to getting the job done. And then there are those items that “nice to have” simply because they make the baking process more enjoyable or allow you to express your creativity.

In this post I’m going to list the dog treat baking supplies that you’ll find most helpful when launching your business.

You don’t need everything on this list to get started. But over time, accumulating the items on this list will ensure that you have a well-stocked kitchen that leaves you feeling inspired.

After shopping in big box stores and due to limited availability, Amazon has been the most reliable when making sure items are in stock and usually at the best price. Take advantage of a free, 30 day trial of Amazon Prime when ordering supplies.

My Ultimate List of Dog Treat Baking Supplies

Candy Melting Pot

Hands down, if you need anything on this list, this is it. This is how I melt all my carob and yogurt chips to do icing on the dog treats! While you can use the double boiler method with a glass bowl over a pot with water, it’s so much easier to just use a melting pot. This will not only save you time, but the consistency and mixture is very smooth for dipping dog treats.

KitchenAid Mixer

A kitchen aid mixer is a must if you want to make treats quickly and efficiently. There are multiple colors, but I love the mint one! But of course, grab whichever you prefer.

Food Processor

We use this to chop up our peanuts, yogurt chips, and anything else quickly. Of course, you can use a knife, but again, we’re looking for ultimate efficiency. Here is my favorite food processor

Cookie Cutters

Cookie cutters make fun shapes that look cute in packaging. While you can use any style you want, I love the following: 

Mini Cupcake Pan

Mini cupcakes are cute and make treats easy for dogs of all sizes to eat! You can grab a mini cupcake pan that holds 12 mini cupcakes or 24 mini cupcakes, whatever works best for you!

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Mini Donut Pan

You can also make mini donuts as puppy treats too. These pans hold 6 donuts, 12 donuts, or 24 donuts. I suggest grabbing a 12 donut pan that way you can grow into it, but start with whatever you feel comfortable with. 

Baking Sheets

Of course, for many of your goodies, you’ll need some good ole’ baking sheets. Here’s a great set that you can start with!


Spatulas are a must when it comes to mixing treats and more. Here are some of my favorites: 

Measuring Cups and Spoons

Just like with baking sheets, measuring cups are essential when baking treats. You want your recipes to be the same every single time. These are my personal favorites, and they last a long time. 

Decorating Set

Along with the melting pot, you can use these decorating tools to complete designs and make other patterns too. 

A Square Pan

Plan on making brownies? You’ll need a square pan, or something like this to bake them in. 

Wood Rolling Pin

This will help you roll out treats for cutting and can come in hand with a lot of different projects. This is my favorite one. Just remember to NOT leave it in water, and keep it well oiled! 

Wax Paper

Not only can you use wax paper for wrapping and storing, but you can also use it when rolling out treats and more. Wax paper is cheap, but I like to grab mine in bulk when buying other supplies. 

Cooling rack for dog treats (look for one that is stackable!) – When cooling your dog treats, it will be much more efficient if you use a cooling rack. I like that these are stackable

Whisk & Mini Whisk

While spatulas are super handy, whisks help get out lumps and clumps a bit better. Here are my favorites: 

Airtight Containers

These can help with storing your ingredients and keeping them super fresh for a long time. They will also need to be BPA free. 

Don’t forget to label your containers so you know what is what. You don’t want to mix up flours or any other ingredients! 

Clear Small Containers

These will be for ‘toppings’ like your ground peanuts, sesame seeds, etc. Just like with airtight containers, these containers keep your toppings fresh. 


While a dehydrator is totally optional, and I recommend using your oven as the easiest way to dehydrate, a dehydrator can speed up the process of dehydrating treats. They all work the same for the most part, so I suggest going with something more affordable, like this one!

A Work In Progress

Time to be 100% honest! If you enjoy spending time in the kitchen baking tasty dog treats, it won’t be long before you begin dreaming about all the fancy kitchen gadgets and baking supplies you’d love to own. Ahem.. need to own.

When allocating your budget, always consider whether an item will help to improve your efficiency. Turning your dog treat bakery into a profitable business means you’ll want to get as much done as possible in the least amount of time.

And as much as you probably love baking, it’s just as important to spend time marketing your business (and of course feeding your reliable taste-testers).


I'm Kristin, your new BFF and #dogmom who's here to help you launch the dog treat business of your dreams.

Whether it's your first time baking or you're ready to take your dog bakery full time, I'm here to cheer you on from the start and celebrate with you as your business grows!

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