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Farmers Market Supplies

Setting Up Your Farmers Market Booth

Before heading off to your first farmers market, you’ll want to make sure you’ve got all the supplies you need for a successful day of sales.

The items below are our first choice for both new and established bakeries.

The first thing you’ll need to do is determine if your booth will be inside or outside. You won’t need some of the exterior items if you’re spending the day protected from the elements.

As always, see what you have at home first. Improvise with what you have first and purchase second.

After shopping in big box stores and due to limited availability, we have found that Amazon has been the most reliable when making sure items are in stock. Take advantage of a free, 30 day trial of Amazon Prime when ordering supplies.

10×10 Pop Up White Tent

A pop-up tent is almost essential if you plan on selling at farmers markets or anywhere you’ll need to be protected from the elements.

Most markets are specific about what color tent can be used, with white being universally accepted. This tent is 10 feet by 10 feet and quite tall, which is the standard size for markets. It also includes a cover and is easy to transport. 

By using this size tent, you will have plenty of room to set up multiple tables for display as well as room for storage and moving around.

Tent Weights

Your tent blowing away is never a good thing.

Secure it to the ground with some essential tent weights! These weight bags are placed at the bottom of each leg of the tent using velcro. Each bag can be filled with sand or another heavy item to secure the tent. 

If you opt to use sand, use a large gallon size ziploc bag to avoid any mess. I also recommend placing a paver or even a heavy dumbbell inside the bag if you don’t have sand. These options will work just as well! 

Heavy Duty Folding Tables

Display your dog treats and marketing material on these folding tables. I have experimented with different size tables and recommend using a table anywhere between 6 feet to 8 feet in length. This folding table is very sturdy and a tough surface, which will help reduce scratches. 

Start with one table, but as your stand offers more products, two tables can be used in a L-shape or three tables can be used as a U-shape.

Occasionally, these tables will go on sale at big box stores or wholesale clubs. 

If you do not have a table, you can use a card table if you have one at home. Make sure to pay attention to how much weight the card table can hold. The last thing you want it your table to collapse if your tabletop decor is too heavy! 

Washable Tablecloths

Either white or colorful table cloths will help to create a professional retail display. All tablecloths should be floor length to hide the table legs as well as hide any packaging material you have under the table.

There are two options that I recommend and both can be thrown in the wash.

The first tablecloth option covers three sides of a table, with one side having a shorter length. The reason is because if you are sitting or working behind the table and have anything stored under the table, you do not have to lift the table cloth.

The second option is to have a full length tablecloth on all four sides. This is perfect for hiding everything under the table or if booth visitors can walk around all sides of your tables. 

A Comfortable Chair

In between selling dog treats, you’ll want a place to sit and rest your feet! A simple folding chair or padded stool can make all the difference. 

A Custom Banner to Promote Your Business

Although it’s optional, a banner to hang from your tent, table or both will help to promote your business and make your booth easy to find.

VistaPrint offers a variety of vinyl banners that are easy to wipe down, sturdy and can be customized to meet the needs of your business. Add your logo or any other helpful information, such as your website or contact information.

If you’re new to VistaPrint, use this link and coupon code FIRSTORDER for 20% off your first order and free shipping on orders $50+.

If you’re an existing VistaPrint customer, use this link and coupon code VPSAVE15 for 15% off your next order and free shipping on orders $75+.


Over time you can expand your list of decor items and add conversation pieces that attract people to your booth. Again, start with what you already have around the home.

Think about how you display an entry table, kitchen island or the dining table during the holidays. The goal is to make your booth look warm and inviting. For additional inspiration, save and follow this Pinterest board.

Baskets of different heights are a great way to present your dog treats. Clear glass or oversize plastic food-safe containers also work really well for dog treats that are sold by the ounce. Don’t forget to add a small aluminum scooper to avoid hand contact. 

Label each container with the name of the dog treat, ingredients, quantity and price. These can be simple labels you print out on the computer or hand-written. These cute chalkboard labels make your dog treats and brand look more expensive.

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